Published October 1, 2009

Petition: Put Polanski in Prison

no excuses for celebrity pedophiles

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October marks the beginning of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Ironically, it also marks the time that  hundreds of celebrity pals of child rapist Roman Polanski have signed a petition asking that the charges against him be dropped.

Roman Polanski raped a child.  Then a 43 year old man, he held a 13 year old girl against her will, drugged her and then vaginally and anally raped her.  To spare this traumatized young victim from the additional trauma of having to testify about what happened, the prosecutor offered Polanski  a plea bargain that allowed him to plead guilty to statutory rape.  Polanski then fled the country rather than face sentencing.

And more than 100 celebrities and thousands of others have signed a petition saying that's OK - he shouldn't be punished.

For anyone needing their awareness raised about how prevalent men's violence against women is, about how socially acceptable men's violence against women still is, about how invisible women's and children's human rights are....   it doesn't get any more blatant than this. 

This year, let's do more than raise awareness about men's violence against women.  Let's make a commitment to speak out against it, a commitment to speak up in support of survivors and justice and accountability.  Beginning right now.  With Roman Polanski. 
Sign the petition below demanding that Roman Polanski be sent to jail.

Send Polanski to Prison


We, the Undersigned, are writing to demand that Roman Polanski be extradited and forced to serve his sentence. 

The law should not reward fugitives for their successful efforts to evade justice, nor should there be different standards of justice for the wealthy and powerful.

Your decision in this high profile case will send a message to all rapists and potential rapists about whether they they will be held accountable.   And it will send a message to all victims and potential victims about whether their safety and civil liberties will be protected or whether in the eyes of the law they will be treated as second class citizens.  

We urge you to uphold justice, safety and women's equality by extraditing and incarcerating Roman Polanski.

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  • #955:

    Oct 08, 2009, Paula Robles, California

    Don't wait to untill someone you know and love is victimized before you become a part of the solution. It only takes a minute to make a difference! If there is no justice there is no deterent.

  • #954:

    Oct 08, 2009, Anonymous, Georgia

    His guilt is clear. Prosecute him.

  • #953:

    Oct 08, 2009, Program Manager, Lake Family Resource Center Rape Crisis Center, California

    Unbelievable! There are n no circumstances I can imagine that would justify not prosecuting Polanski. Just because the victim is now an adult, doesn't mean that children shouldn't be protected. Think about the message it would send to children for him to escape his deserved consequences - How do these twisted people get to be "hero worshipped"??????

  • #952:

    Oct 08, 2009, Aaron Karns, Michigan

    I absolutely think that Polanski should be extradited to serve his time. My big concern is for his victim: she is now in her forties and has moved on in her life and I hope that she has a good life now. I just hope that the media in the midst of this case doesn't try to re-victimize her today for what happened to her when she was thirteen.

  • #951:

    Oct 08, 2009, Sandra Lang, Ontario

    To quote Chris Rock rape is rape.

  • #950:

    Oct 08, 2009, Jennifer Boquist, Volunteer for hotline, Rape Crisis Center, Massachusetts

    This man should be sent away to jail for life without parole and the fact that people are saying it is ok for him not to be prosecuted makes me a little nervous as to where their logic is.

  • #949:

    Oct 08, 2009, Lillian Lopez, New York

    How dare his celebrity pals condone such a heinous crime! What if it was one of their daughters? Would they still feel so generous? Shame on him & shame on them! It was wrong then what he did to that poor child & it's even more wrong today!

  • #948:

    Oct 08, 2009, Leslie Dunlevy, New Jersey

  • #947:

    Oct 08, 2009, sandra maline, Broker, The Advantage in Real Estate Inc, Ohio

    Sex with a 13 year old is Rape and Unconsented sex is Rape He has gotten away with this for 32 years!

  • #946:

    Oct 08, 2009, k danowski, Texas

  • #945:

    Oct 08, 2009, Staff Accountant, The Alliance, New Jersey

    If you do the crime you gotta do the time. Were he an average white man (or a minority) he would NOT get the same kind of support. A person with this power & wealth, by default, ought to be put at an even higher level of accountability instead of less as his supporters are suggesting. They are basically saying: it's ok for him to run fr the law bec he has money, power, influence, artistic gifts and since a long time has passed the body of his work contributed to the film making industry more than justifies the heinous crime he committed to this child. I only hope those who have signed & plan on signing his release petition would sign the same petition were this girl their own daughter, sister, aunt, mother, grandmother who he victimized in the past.

  • #944:

    Oct 08, 2009, Anonymous, Massachusetts

  • #943:

    Oct 08, 2009, Executive Assistant, Ohio Domestic Violence Network, Ohio

    Polanski needs to be held accountable for his crime.

  • #942:

    Oct 08, 2009, Anonymous, Ohio

  • #941:

    Oct 08, 2009, Dawn Fritz, Ohio

  • #940:

    Oct 08, 2009, Elizabeth Richter, Connecticut

    It makes me sick to read and hear people defend this pedophile. What he did was a crime and should be treated as such and his victim shouldn't be coerced into saying she's put it behind her and doesn't want him punished. Baloney!

  • #939:

    Oct 08, 2009, Lou Ann Watson, Ohio

  • #938:

    Oct 08, 2009, DION RILEY, California


  • #937:

    Oct 08, 2009, Debojit Das, Newfoundland

    Put The Bastard behind bars.

  • #936:

    Oct 08, 2009, LLC, Self, California

    This beast needs to serve the time behind bars for the hideous act he committed, drugging, raping, sodomizing a child.

    Shame on Hollywood Stars whom support this sociopath.

  • #935:

    Oct 08, 2009, Barbara Swank-Gallegos, Indiana

  • #934:

    Oct 08, 2009, Anonymous, South Carolina

  • #933:

    Oct 08, 2009, Rachel Singer, Massachusetts

  • #932:

    Oct 08, 2009, Karin Anderson, Maine

  • #931:

    Oct 08, 2009, Anonymous, Indiana

    If he was anyone else the book have been thrown at him a long time ago. You can't come the the US and bring your twisted morals here!