Stop Family Violence - Custody & Abuse News en-us Plot for Child Custody Ends in Murder Kimberly Smith was murdered in her Oconomowoc home Oct. 1 as part of a plot for her ex-boyfriend to get custody of their 4-year-old son, authorities said Thursday in announcing the arrests of the ex-boyfriend and two other men on homicide charges. Smith was entangled in a long running custody dispute with the boy's father. High Costs Of Family Court The I-Team found one example out of Northern California in which an 11-year-old boy, Coby, was the center of a custody dispute. His mother was ordered to pay $2,200 upfront to a custody evaluator. In the ruling, the judge wrote, "If mother does not pay the fees ... primary custody shall be changed." CA Law: Right to Attorney for Civil Litigation Governor Schwarzenegger signed a new law, the first in the nation, to recognize a right to representation in key civil cases and provide it for people fighting eviction, loss of child custody, domestic abuse or neglect of the elderly or disabled. Mother Sought help from Family Court; Now She's Dead Two weeks before she was killed, Dawn Axsom pleaded with Judge Jose Padilla of Maricopa County Superior Court to let her leave Arizona with her son because she feared Gabriel Schwartz, the toddler's father, would harm her or their boy. Child abuse: when family courts get it wrong Even when physical or sexual abuse of children is alleged during a divorce, American family courts routinely award custody to the parent with an established record of domestic violence restraining orders, child abuse, neglect, alcoholism, addiction, dangerous mental illness, while the protective parent is labeled an alienator for bringing the abuse to the court's attention. HI: Residents protest family court A protest against Family Court attracted attention of well-wishers who honked their horns at sign-holders most of Thursday morning. The purpose of the rallies is to inform the community that the Kaua‘i Family Court and its court-appointed experts are not doing enough to protect children from abuse and domestic violence Mom who fled Iowa, ex-spouse, risks jail on return A Decatur County woman who said she fled the state fearing for her life and that of her 7-year-old son is being required to return or risk being arrested. Ringgold County Attorney Clint Spurrier has thus far rejected pleas from advocates of domestic-violence victims to drop a criminal complaint against Hannah Newberry for violating the visitatio... Family of Man Who Killed Wife, Self, Gets Custody Williamsport Judge Richard A. Gray has decided to give primary physical custody of the child who lost both parents in the Easter 2007 murder- suicide to the father's family in Williamsport. Ben Barone shot and killed his wife Jodi Barone during a planned custody exchange of their daughter April 8, 2007. Jodi's mother had been fighting for custody. Man kills wife now wants to control custody A Fayette County man accused of running over over his wife with his car and killing her wants his parents to have legal custody of two of his children. In addition, he wants the cousins of a third adopted child to have custody of that youngster. Man Accused of Shooting and Killing Wife Asks for Children to be Moved to Safer Home A family torn apart after a fatal shooting is now in a heated fight over where to place the victim's children.On July 9, 24-year-old Tasha Norris was fatally shot. Her husband, John Norris, has been charged with involuntary manslaughter. Despite that, his wishes for who will have custody of his children are being considered by child services.