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    Collaborative and Cooperative Law - Promise and Peril

    Dispute Resolution Magazine, September 1, 2005

    This article identifies four potential perils of CL, all of which have relevance for victims of domestic violence. First, CL clients may have unrealistic expectations about the lawyers’ role, the time and expense involved, and implications of the disqualification agreement. Second, the CL process may result in excessive pressure to settle. Third, CL practitioners may violate rules of professional conduct. Fourth, CL practitioners may develop a quasi-religious orthodoxy that inhibits innovation and discourages clients from exercising legitimate process choices  More

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    A Warning to Collaborators

    American Bar Association Journal, May 4, 2007

    The Colorado Bar Association’s ethics committee declared that collaborative law, a process by which lawyers agree to withdraw if settlement talks collapse, is per se unethical.   More

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