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Published May 1, 2006 by Phoenix Magazine

Jana's View: Parental Alienation

by Jana Bommersbach

You're going to find this column hard to believe.  I had trouble believing it at first too - fearful that I was hearing hysterical claims that just couldn't be true.  But as I got deeper into the subject, the truth kept hitting me over the head, and what seemed impossible turned out to be real.

Here's the bottom line: Abusive fathers are convincing family courts to ignore children's cries of abuse, claiming that mothers are really at fault - that they're "coaching" their children to make false charges against their fathers.

There's no abuse, the fathers say, just an evil woman who should lose all rights to the child.  They call it Parental Alienation Syndrome, and it's so pronounced that family courts across the country - and certainly here in Arizona - are falling for the ruse.

Not only are fathers' attorneys offering up alienation as though it were a valid theory - and wait until you hear how invalid it really is - but mental health advisors are telling judges it's real, and Arizona advocates have seen judges bring it up on their own.

What I'm wondering is how many of those lawyers or advisers or judges realize that Parental Alienation Syndrome has been completley discredited as a bogus theory.  I'm also wondering if they know it was created by a man who wrote that adults having sex with children isn't a bad thing.

To read the rest of the article, click here  (pdf)

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