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Published March 30, 2006 by Tatge/Lasseur Productions

Breaking the Silence: Children's Stories

by Dominique Lasseur

This powerful documentary chronicles the impact of domestic violence on children and the recurring failings of family courts across the country to protect them from their abusers. In stark and often poignant interviews, children and battered mothers tell their stories of abuse at home and continued trauma within the courts. The one-hour special also features interviews with domestic violence experts, attorneys and judges who reveal the disturbing frequency in which abusers are winning custody of their children and why these miscarriages of justice continue to occur.

Co-Produced with Connecticut Public Television.
Underwritten by The Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation.

Tatge/Lasseur Productions  and Connecticut Public Television had full editorial independence in the research and production of the PBS documentary, Breaking the Silence: Children's Stories. This is standard practice as dictated by PBS National Program Funding Standards and Practices. The decision by the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation to fund the documentary was predicated on the understanding that the program would address the topic of children and domestic violence.  The co-producers, Tatge/Lasseur Productions and Connecticut Public Television, are fully responsible for the content of Breaking the Silence: Children's Stories.

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