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Soldier Accused of Encouraging Toddler Fight Club
One woman's struggle to escape abuse
Las Vegas woman's lengthy custody fight to protect her daughter
Child Abuse Professionals Rally Around American Fugitive Returning to the US After 14 Years in Hidin
Mother of 3 slain kids holds on, healing slowly
Single moms and successful sons
Exposure To Family Violence Especially Harmful To Previously Abused Children
Immigrants more likely to be domestic violence victims
Bill to Keep Workers with Criminal Records Out of Long-Term Care System Clears Committee
Dropoff in child abuse complaints questioned
Murder victim denied domestic violence protection order against husband
Shooting the Messenger In Child Abuse Cases
State pays millions for contract psychologists to keep up with Jessica's Law
Judges must explain restraining order denials
An Agent, a Green Card, and a Demand for Sex
Uncovering the Racism of Population Politics
Poverty is Poison
Execution for child rape?
Study: Imprisoned Military Veterans More Likely To Have Sex Crime Convictions Than Nonvets
The Failing State of Native American Women’s Health
A Native Perspective on Virginia Tech Headlines
A Volatile Young Man, Humiliation and a Gun
The 13 Year Old Prostitute
No Bliss In Fed´s Marriage Initiative
U.S. economy leaving record numbers in severe poverty
Homeless In the Dead of Winter
Why So Many Black Women Are Behind Bars
Quarter of U.S. women suffer domestic violence: CDC.
Why Parents Who Batter Win Custody
Moms Losing Custody of Children
Black Women Demand Respect
Study: Dating Violence Effects Half of Youth
States Address Epidemic of Gay Domestic Violence
No Escaping Sexualization of Young Girls
Non-violent Men Have Nothing To Fear
Victims Use Odd Charges To See Justice In Military Recruiter Cases
Citadel Cadets Report Sexual Assault
Taking Names: a List of Real Problems With Sex Offenders
Battered By the Storm
With Child Sex Sites On the Run, Nearly Nude Photos Hit the Web
Law May Force Some Working Poor Back To the Support of Welfare Rolls
Domestic Violence Takes Toll In Workplace
Woman Beaten By Husband Wins Lawsuit
Domestic Violence Linked To Early Infant Death
Violence All Men`s Problem
37 Million Poor Hidden In the Land of Plenty
Budget To Hurt Poor People On Medicaid, Report Says
Indian Country: Domestic Violence In Epidemic Proportions
Child Sexual Abuse
Incest : a Feminist Core Issue That Needs Re-politizising
Custody and Abuse
Problem Overview
Jana's View: Parental Alienation
Courageous Kids Network
10 Custody Myths and How To Counter Them
Custody Visitation Scandal Cases
Creating Justice Through Balance: Integrating Domestic Violence Law Into Family Court Practice
Custodians of Abuse
Understanding the Batterer In Custody and Visitation Disputes
The Batterer As Parent
Batterer Manipulation and Retaliation Denial and Complicity In the Family Courts
Legal Community Rejects Parental Alienation Syndrome
The Illusion of Protection
Who´s Protecting Whom? the Criminalization of Protective Parents
Protective Parents Survey
Arizona Battered Mothers Testimony Project
Myths, Facts and Statistics In Custody and Abuse
Rate of Domestic Violence In Contested Custody Cases
Rates At Which Batterers Receive Custody
10 Custody Myths and How To Counter Them
The Myth of Epidemic False Allegations of Sexual Abuse In Divorce Cases
Myths That Place Children At Risk During Custody Litigation
Parental Alienation Syndrome
The Truth About Parental Alienation
Legal Community Rejects Parental Alienation Syndrome
The Evidentiary Admissibility of Parental Alienation
Quotes By Richard Gardner
National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges Rejects PAS
Parental Alienation Syndrome and Parental Alienation: Getting It Wrong In Child Custody Disputes
Parental Alienation Syndrome - What Professionals Need To Know Part 1
Lesson from Alec Baldwin: Alienation Begins With You
Custody Abuse Cases In the News
Fort Bragg Soldier Accused of Encouraging Toddler Fight Club
One woman's struggle to escape abuse
Las Vegas woman's custody fight to protect her daughter
Father in Custody Dispute Kills His 3 Children
Help Holly Return Home and Find Justice!
Unstable Father with Visitation Rights Kills Daughter
Families' futures decided with little oversight
Alex Baldwin Doesn't Get It
Parental Alienation Syndrome dangerous for kids?
When Motherhood Gets You Jail Time
Abuse Under the Watch of Oregon's Justice System
Family Battles Questionable Custody Decision
Were courts fair to mom alleging sex abuse of child?
Homeless In the Dead of Winter
Judge Grants Sole Custody of 9-year-old Girl To Father
Theory Issue In Custody Dispute
Family Court Trend Doesn´t Favor Mothers
Judge Grants Sole Custody of 9-year-old Girl To Father
Why Parents Who Batter Win Custody
Two Family Court Players Are Dispensable
Custodians of Abuse
Casualties of a Custody War
Moms Losing Custody of Children
´SHUT UP!´ She Can´t Discuss Custody Case With Any Third Person
Mom Termed ´Parental Alienator´ Wins Rare Vindication In Courts
Mom Acquitted of Abducting Child
Custody Fight
Girl, Interrupted
Hell Hath No Fury Like a Mother Scorned
Long Running Custody Trial Aired In Court
Case Preparation and Strategy
Legal Disclaimer
Managing Your Divorce: a Guide For Battered Women
Legal Momentum: Domestic Violence and Child Custody Legal Resource Kit
Custody Cases: Protecting Children From Child Abuse
Custody and Abuse Videos
Fighting the System, on Film
Breaking the Silence: Children's Stories
Small Justice: little justice in America's family courts
Family Court Crisis: our children at risk
Fathers´ Rights Movement
Father´s Rights and Violence Against Women
U. S. Fatherhood Initiatives
Responsible Parenting and Fathers´ Rights: An Interview With Michael Flood
Friendly Parent
The Friendly Parent Concept: A Flawed Factor for Child Custody
GALs and Custody Evaluators
The Role of Psychological Testing
For Arbiters In Custody Battles, Wide Power and Little Scrutiny
Guardians Ad Litem In Private Custody Litigation: the Case For Abolition
Court Appointed Parenting Evaluators and Guardians Ad Litem: Practical Realities and an Argument for
Use of the MMPI-2 In Child Custody Evaluations Involving Battered Women.
A Critical Assessment of Child Custody Evaluations: Limited Science and a Flawed System
Joint Custody
Sound Research or Wishful Thinking in Child Custody Cases? Lessons from Relocation Law
Father´s Responsibilities Before Father´s Rights
Solomon´s Solution
Legal Documents
Petition To Inter American Commission On Human Rights
IACHR Press Release.
Full Text of IACHR Petition.
Interview with Dianne Post, J.D.
Alleged Violations of the Declaration of the Duties and Rights of Man
Claudine Dombrowski Photos of Abuse
Mediation and Collaborative Law
Collaborative and Cooperative Law - Promise and Peril
A Warning to Collaborators
Relocation / Move Away
Sound Research or Wishful Thinking in Child Custody Cases? Lessons from Relocation Law
Divorced Parents Move, and Custody Gets Trickier
Reports and Research
Arizona Battered Mothers Testimony Project
Editors Intro To Custody and Abuse Issue of Violence Against Women
Supervised Visitation
Troubling Admission of Supervised Visitation Records In Custody Proceedings
Do Batterer Intervention Programs Work? Two Studies
Domestic Violence and Economic Insecurity
Justice and Safety for Shirley Riggs and her children
Local Domestic Violence Programs Need Support
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