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Published on September 01, 2003 by National Institute of Justice

Do Batterer Intervention Programs Work? Two Studies

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This NIJ Research for Practice discusses implications from studies of batterer intervention programs in Broward County, Florida and Brooklyn, New York. The Broward County study found only small effects for some program participants, and the Brooklyn study  found limited effects for men who attended all sessions for a longer time period. The Broward study found that men who had a stake in the community—i.e., were employed, married or owned a home—were slightly less likely to reoffend. However, these offenders did not change their attitudes towards women or battering, nor did offenders who completed the Brooklyn program. Issues that plague batterer intervention research and new directions for protecting victims are discussed.

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The Brooklyn and Broward studies are described in greater detail in the NIJ Special Report: Batterer Intervention Programs: Where Do We Go From Here?

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