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Stop Family Violence is a national grassroots organization whose mission is to organize and amplify our nation’s collective voice against all forms of relationship violence including domestic violence, rape, child abuse, child sex abuse, incest, sexual assault, elder abuse, dating violence, stalking, sexual trafficking and prostitution.  Together we can stop family violence.







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Soldier Accused of Encouraging Toddler Fight Club
KTLA News, 11/21/

A soldier in the Army Special Operations Command is under investigation for a video showing his young son fighting with another youngster. The video is at the center of a child custody dispute. (more)

One woman's struggle to escape abuse
Chicago Tribune, 11/11/

She had been trying to escape him for two years. But, like so many women before her, Martin found that there is no witness protection program for victims of domestic violence. She had tried to move out of state with their children, only to learn that abusers—even convicted felons—rarely lose visitation rights. (more)

Las Vegas woman's lengthy custody fight to protect her daughter
Las Vegas Review-Journal, 10/19/

For 18 months, Barney had tried to convince authorities that her ex-husband, Malakai "Sonny" Kaufusi, was sexually abusing their daughter. They had joint custody at the time, but on that January evening, Barney refused to turn her daughter over. (more)

Child Abuse Professionals Rally Around American Fugitive Returning to the US After 14 Years in Hidin
The Leadership Council, 09/24/

Desperate to protect her children from skull fractures, black eyes and repeated beatings, Holly Ann Collins fled to the Netherlands. There, the Dutch Court granted her human rights asylum after ruling it would be too dangerous for them to return to their father. Now, fourteen years later, Holly Ann Collins and her children are finally coming home. (more)

Mother of 3 slain kids holds on, healing slowly
Pittsburgh Post Gazette, 09/21/

The divorce proceedings were contentious, with both parents seeking custody, but no one foresaw the possibility of her husband's horrific act. Still, she said, hating him for what he did would only cause more pain. (more)

Single moms and successful sons
The Poughkeepsie Journal, 09/21/

Conventional wisdom is that boys who grow up without fathers are at greater risk of problems, from doing poorly in school to substance abuse. So how does that account for the high-profile successes of standouts such as Sen. Barack Obama, Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps and others who were reared by single mothers? (more)

Exposure To Family Violence Especially Harmful To Previously Abused Children
Science Daily, 09/19/

According to a new study in the September/October 2008 issue of the journal Child Development, children who are maltreated tend to have a lot of re-exposure to family violence, and this re-exposure often leads to increased psychological problems. (more)

Immigrants more likely to be domestic violence victims
Boston Globe, 09/12/

Immigrants account for a disturbingly high share of domestic violence deaths in Massachusetts, advocates say, raising fears that the nation's heated immigration debate is deterring abuse victims from seeking help. (more)

Bill to Keep Workers with Criminal Records Out of Long-Term Care System Clears Committee
Senior Journal, 09/10/

A bill aimed at preventing persons with criminal histories from working in long-term care services moved a step closer to reality yesterday. It was approved by a unanimous voice vote in the Senate Finance Committee. If approved by the full Senate, the bill will creat a comprehensive nationwide system of background checks. (more)

Dropoff in child abuse complaints questioned
NJ Star Ledger, 09/02/

The percentage of proven child abuse and neglect cases in foster homes, schools, day care centers and other group settings fell to an all-time low last year, but child advocates worry that the percentages are lower because allegations aren't getting the attention they deserve -- and that this could force children to spend all or part of their days in dangerous places. (more)

Murder victim denied domestic violence protection order against husband
WAVE 3 Louisville, 08/26/

A well-known woman from south Louisville was killed Monday, and her husband has been charged with murder. One day after a SWAT team negotiated with 68-year-old William "Gerry" Seidl to give himself up, friends and family of the victim are finding her murder hard to believe - especially after learning that a judge refused her request for a domestic violence order against her husband. (more)

Shooting the Messenger In Child Abuse Cases
Connecticut Law Tribune, 08/25/


State pays millions for contract psychologists to keep up with Jessica's Law
Los Angeles Times, 08/10/

A 2006 law intended to crack down on sex offenders has proved a bonanza for a small group of private psychologists and psychiatrists, 14 of whom billed California taxpayers last year for a half a million dollars or more each, a Times investigation found. (more)

Judges must explain restraining order denials
San Francisco Chronicle, 08/06/

A San Pablo woman's request for a restraining order against her estranged husband, and a Contra Costa County judge's rubber-stamp rejection of it, have led to a new state law requiring judges to explain their reasons for denying protective orders in domestic violence cases. (more)

An Agent, a Green Card, and a Demand for Sex
New York Times, 03/21/

“I want sex,” he said on the recording. “One or two times. That’s all. You get your green card. You won’t have to see me anymore.”

No one knows how widespread sexual blackmail is, but the case echoes other instances of sexual coercion that have surfaced in recent years, including agents criminally charged in Atlanta, Miami and Santa Ana, Calif. And it raises broader questions about the system’s vulnerability to corruption at a time when millions of noncitizens live in a kind of legal no-man’s land, increasingly fearful of seeking the law’s protection.

Uncovering the Racism of Population Politics
AlterNet, 02/22/

The anti-immigrant movement pushes racist policies and ideals in order to promote larger white families and smaller black and brown ones. (more)

Execution for child rape?
The Rocky Mountain News, 02/19/

The U.S. Supreme Court in 1977 ruled the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment for convicted rapists but left the window open for states to impose the ultimate punishment on those who brutally rape children. A new bill introduced in Colorado bill would mandate the death penalty or life in prison for a new crime called "aggravated sexual assault on a child" for that second, more serious class of rape, in cases where the child was 12 or younger. (more)

Poverty is Poison
The New York Times, 02/19/

Neuroscientists have found that “many children growing up in very poor families with low social status experience unhealthy levels of stress hormones, which impair their neural development.” The effect is to impair language development and memory - and hence the ability to escape poverty - for the rest of the child’s life. (more)

Study: Imprisoned Military Veterans More Likely To Have Sex Crime Convictions Than Nonvets
Arizona Daily Star, 05/21/

Military veterans in prison are more than twice as likely to have been convicted for sex offenses than nonveteran inmates, the government reports. Veterans are half as likely to be incarcerated than the overall male population in the first place, researchers found, but 23 percent of the veterans in prison was a sex offender, compared with 9 percent of nonveteran inmates. (more)

The Failing State of Native American Women’s Health
The American Prospect, 05/16/

One in three Native American women will be sexually assaulted or raped in her lifetime—a rate 3.5 times higher than all other racial groups. Yet victims of sexual violence often do not receive the treatment and care they need from IHS hospitals. Victims sometimes have to travel hundreds of miles just to receive a rape kit and screening for sexually transmitted infections. (more)

A Native Perspective on Virginia Tech Headlines
Gilroy Dispatch, 04/19/

"To say the Virginia shooting is the worst in all of U.S. history is to pour salt on old wounds-it means erasing and forgetting all of our ancestors who were killed in the past," said Joan Redfern, a member of the Lakota Sioux tribe who lives in Hollister. "Haven't any of these people ever heard of the Massacre at Sand Creek in Colorado, where Methodist minister Col. Chivington massacred between 200 and 400 Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians, most of them women, children, and elderly men?" (more)

A Volatile Young Man, Humiliation and a Gun
The New York Times, 04/19/

A close look at the patterns of murderous violence in the U.S. reveals some remarkable consistencies, wherever the individual atrocities may have occurred. In case after case, decade after decade, the killers have been shown to be young men riddled with shame and humiliation, often bitterly misogynistic and homophobic, who have decided that the way to assert their faltering sense of manhood and get the respect they have been denied is to go out and shoot somebody. (more)

The 13 Year Old Prostitute
The New Yorker Magazine, 04/08/

If Lucilia were a 13-year-old Chinese girl smuggled to New York and made to work in a Queens brothel, she would not be seen, in the eyes of the authorities, as a prostitute at all. She would be a sex slave, a victim of human trafficking, and if she had the good fortune to be discovered by the police, she would be given federal protection and shielded by the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000. But she’s not. In this city, a U.S. citizen like Lucilia is seen by the law as a prostitute.

No Bliss In Fed´s Marriage Initiative
Indian Country Today, 04/05/

Anyone who isn't convinced that the president in office has an effect on your life at home ought to take a gander at the latest federal grant to come down the pike. (more)

U.S. economy leaving record numbers in severe poverty
Mcclatchy Newspapers, 02/22/

The percentage of poor Americans who are living in severe poverty has reached a 32-year high, millions of working Americans are falling closer to the poverty line and the gulf between the nation's "haves" and "have-nots" continues to widen. (more)

Homeless In the Dead of Winter
Truth and Justice: Family Court Reform, 02/01/

In 1998 I bought a lovely 4 bedroom home in Discovery Bay, a wonderful family community in the heart of the Delta region..Something so idyllic can’t last for long when you are dealing with domestic violence. I found myself on the losing end of the divorce, all that had not been fought over was the custody of the children until he discovered that the children were the only things I cared about. By 2001, my home was in foreclosure due to the financial strain of trying to work, attend school and protect myself and my children. One thing that is not understood by most people is that domestic violence doesn’t end with the filing of divorce, but actually is known to increase in intensity for some of the worst cases. (more)

Why So Many Black Women Are Behind Bars
Alternet, 12/05/

Black female inmates outnumber white female inmates three to one, and their punishments don't always fit their crimes. (more)

Quarter of U.S. women suffer domestic violence: CDC.
Reuters, 02/10/

About a quarter of U.S. women suffer domestic violence, U.S. health officials reported on Thursday, with ongoing health problems that one activist likened to the effects of living in a war zone. (more)

Why Parents Who Batter Win Custody
Newsweek, 09/25/

Genia is one of many parents nationwide who have lost custody due to a controversial concept known as parental alienation. Under the theory, children fear or reject one parent because they have been corrupted or coached to lie by the other. (more)

Moms Losing Custody of Children
Chicago News Sun, 05/15/

A few years ago, Zender connected with another mom in an Illinois court building. Then she found more moms with similar stories, and then dozens. Over the course of two years, hundreds of stories emerged, all with a similar pattern. (more)

Black Women Demand Respect
The Atlanta Journal Constitution, 09/12/

Increasingly over the past decade, the media have projected images of black women as battered about, cast down, kicked aside, ignored, denigrated and disrespected at the will of all who take delight and sport in doing so. (more)

Study: Dating Violence Effects Half of Youth
The Houston Chronicle, 08/29/

More than 27 percent of young Texans report being victims of physical violence while dating, according to a survey conducted by the Texas Council on Family Violence. (more)

States Address Epidemic of Gay Domestic Violence
The Union Tribune, 08/26/

After years of fighting what one service provider called an “invisible epidemic,” lawmakers and government agencies are taking steps to abandon the assumption that spousal abuse does not occur in couples who share the same gender. (more)

No Escaping Sexualization of Young Girls
Los Angeles Times, 08/25/

In a culture in which the sexualization of childhood is big business — mainstream mega-corporations such as Disney earn billions by marketing sexy products to children too young to understand their significance — is it any wonder that pedophiles feel emboldened to claim that they shouldn't be ostracized for wanting sex with children? (more)

Non-violent Men Have Nothing To Fear
Volcano Press, 05/01/

What is reality? Most violent offenders are men. Most domestic violence homicides are perpetrated by men. And in America, we raise our criminals at home. Most jail and prison inmates, incarcerated for all crimes, have a family history of domestic violence and child abuse in their homes. (more)

Victims Use Odd Charges To See Justice In Military Recruiter Cases
The Associated Press, 08/20/

Dissatisfied with the military's handling of sexual assault cases involving recruiters, some local prosecutors and victims are challenging the misconduct on their own, charging everything from a violation of an Indian treaty to racketeering. (more)

Citadel Cadets Report Sexual Assault
The Associated Press, 08/23/

Almost 20 percent of the female cadets at The Citadel last spring reported being sexually assaulted since enrolling at the state military college, according to results of a survey released by the school Wednesday. (more)

Taking Names: a List of Real Problems With Sex Offenders
The Houston Chronicle, 08/20/

Sex offender registries are getting a lot of attention. The Washington politicians are now thumping themselves on the back because we will soon have a national sex offender registry. But sex offender registries will not work when communities don't take child sexual abuse seriously. (more)

Battered By the Storm
Msnbc Nightly News, 08/21/

Almost a year after Katrina, the abused women's shelter is stretched thin and is struggling to rebuild itself at a time when, longtime women’s advocates here say, they are facing a crisis of domestic violence made worse by the ongoing stress of the storm. (more)

With Child Sex Sites On the Run, Nearly Nude Photos Hit the Web
The New York Times, 08/20/

Sparkle is one of hundreds of children being photographed by adults, part of what appears to be the latest trend in online child exploitation: Web sites for pedophiles offering explicit, sexualized images of children who are covered by bits of clothing — all in the questionable hope of allowing producers, distributors and customers to avoid child pornography charges. (more)

Law May Force Some Working Poor Back To the Support of Welfare Rolls
The Washington Post, 08/19/

Jones's path to independence is suddenly on unsure footing, however, because she is the parent of one of 1,900 Fairfax children who could lose their child-care vouchers because of changes in federal law and budget decisions by the state and local governments. (more)

Domestic Violence Takes Toll In Workplace
Reuters, 08/18/

Victims of domestic violence suffer at work as well as home, losing costly work hours to distraction and absenteeism, new research shows. (more)

Woman Beaten By Husband Wins Lawsuit
The Washington Post Company, 08/18/

Before the divorce was final, Deborah Martin sued her husband. And this week, Fairfax County jurors ordered him to pay Martin $550,000, in part for the extensive bills to repair her face -- and mind -- and to make a statement that domestic violence is intolerable, jurors said. (more)

Domestic Violence Linked To Early Infant Death
Reuters, 08/15/

Babies whose mothers are exposed to domestic violence during pregnancy are more than twice as likely to die in the first weeks of life, a new study shows. (more)

Violence All Men`s Problem
The London Free Press, 02/20/

I've always thought it wasn't my problem. I mean, I'm not a rapist. I don't beat my wife. I'm just a regular guy. So, when talk turns to sexism, misogyny and violence against women, I furrow my brow, nod my head and show concern. (more)

37 Million Poor Hidden In the Land of Plenty
The Observer, 02/19/

Americans have always believed that hard work will bring rewards, but vast numbers now cannot meet their bills even with two or three jobs. More than one in 10 citizens live below the poverty line, and the gap between the haves and have-nots is widening. (more)

Budget To Hurt Poor People On Medicaid, Report Says
THe New York Times, 01/30/

Millions of low-income people would have to pay more for health care under a bill worked out by Congress, and some of them would forgo care or drop out of Medicaid because of the higher co-payments and premiums, the Congressional Budget Office says in a new report. (more)

Indian Country: Domestic Violence In Epidemic Proportions
The New Mexican, 11/08/

Mary Bernal remembers all too clearly the night in 1995 when she and her 8-year-old son escaped from her abusive husband. Bernal, who is a member of Taos Pueblo, is one of thousands of women who suffer from domestic violence in Indian Country. Statistics show domestic violence is more common in Indian Country than in any other culture.

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