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Stop Family Violence is a national grassroots organization whose mission is to organize and amplify our nation’s collective voice against all forms of relationship violence including domestic violence, rape, child abuse, child sex abuse, incest, sexual assault, elder abuse, dating violence, stalking, sexual trafficking and prostitution.  Together we can stop family violence.







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Published on February 10, 2009

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We'd love to hear your thoughts, comments, feedback, suggestions or questions. Please use the webform below to tell us what's on your mind!

We regret that Stop Family Violence cannot provide advice for individual situations.  We hope you find the information on this site to be helpful, however, please recognize that it is general information and that it may not apply to your specific circumstances.  We strongly encourage you to use our Get Help section to review general information and to identify service providers in your area.  

If there is a topic that is not covered, or if you are unable to find the information or support you need, please let us know - we'll be happy to consult with our extensive network of experts to identify appropriate information or resources.  We'll post the new information in the appropriate section of  the Stop Family Violence website so that others will benefit too.

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Stop Family Violence
331 West 57th Street #518
New York, NY 10019

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